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The  most  safe  and  effective  therapy  for  the
treatment  of  various  ailments  related  to  the
Muscles,  Joints  and  the  Nervous  System 

The  body   has  642  acupressure  points  located
on  the  surface  of  the  skin, that  are  energy
flow  centers  of  the  body.  Accurately  applied
pressure  to  these  anatomical  locations   by  a 
trained  professional,  facilitates  the   healing
of  various  ailments  and  increases  the  body’s
vital  life  force  energy.   Acupressure  therapy  
corrects  the  imbalances  in  the  flow  of  this
vital  energy  by  pressure  and  the  stimulation
of  specific  energy  centers 

These  energy  points  are connected  by  channels
known  as  meridians. Appropriate  pressure  given
to  these  meridians  directs  the  nervous system
to  release  chemical compounds  in  the  muscles,
spinal  column  and  brain,  which  decrease  pain
while  increasing  the  body’s  own  self curative
abilities  and  the  internal  regulating  systems
for  healing  and  cure  of  various  ailments
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