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About Us

Dr  Vinay  Arora  and  Dr  Sumer  Raj  Chadha, 
at  TruHealth  Clinic, practice  Holistic  and
Natural  Healing  Treatment  Methods  such  as  
a  Combination  of  Acupressure,  Naturopathy, 
Sujok,  Acupressure-Massage  and  Herbal  Meds  
for  providing  fast  and  sustainable  relief
from  various  ailments,  as  well  as  curing
their  root  cause 
All  the  treatments  are  given  to  patients
by  ourselves, to  ensure  that  our  patients  
always  receive  the  necessary  attention and
care  needed  for  recovery  from  ailments
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